Bridal Make-up Trial

Lovely Brides to be- this is a guide on how to get the most out of your Bridal Trial. As with all other aspects of the lead up to your wedding, it has to be fun and enjoyable!

it’s all about preparation. Gather information and have it all there for us to peruse. Laptop/iPad/scrap-book, it’s all the same to me! Everything you show me will help to build a good picture and don’t be afraid to mix and match your look. Say, the shape of that smoky eye but with the colour of another image. This lip with that glowing skin etc.

If you have a signature look or style that makes you who you are, I need to know, otherwise you will not feel yourself when you see the final look. Even if it is a blindingly elegant, beautiful glowing look, that your whole family are dumbstruck with it’s gorgeousness. If you’re used to wearing kohl on the inner rim of your eye, you will not like it without. So, come to the trial with your make-up on. This helps me understand your personal style & gives me a solid place to start and build your perfect wedding day look.

The trial will take anywhere up to 3 hours. I allow plenty of time to get to know you, your wedding & the look that you would like me to create. Trials are done during the day so I can use the natural lighting as this is what the finished look will be photographed in. I also recommend wearing a plain white t-shirt so you can see the make up in as similar colour as possible to the day.